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NOTE: Mentors are ALWAYS On Duty.

By applying for and accepting the characteristic red M of the Order of the Mentors you are inviting players to seek out your advice. You are making a commitment to assist your fellow warriors at any time they may need a question answered. The Order is not simply a way for you to earn money by completing shifts. Your duties extend beyond your 5 hours of mandatory shifts.
Remember: as a Mentor you are in a privileged position of trust. Always behave responsibly and maturely in public. Always be polite to others, even when giving game punishments.

1. Always attempt to answer any question posed to you. If you are "busy" (on rage or completing a quest etc) guide the player to another Mentor or Guard that could assist them. DO NOT ignore, attack, chase away or insult players that approach you when you are not on shift.
2. If a complaint comes in, try to respond immediately. Do not sit around and expect that it will be handled by someone else.
3. If you are going afk for some time, please set a courteous auto answer so that players do not feel ignored.
4. Please do not get yourselves involved in player’s arguments by choosing sides. If you are there to mediate and resolve the issue please be as unbiased as possible.
5. DO NOT INSULT OTTHER PLAYERS. Granted that this is a game rule/chat rule it is expected that ALL Mentors follow the rules that they encourage other players to obey.
6. Do not be bias to other Mentors or Guards, if a rule is broken, punishment is expected. Do not think that because the player is a Guard or a Mentor, they must have a good reason for breaking the rules. If that is the case, any player can have a good reason for breaking the rules.
7. Try not to draw yourself into arguments with other players. Chances are some players may contest the silencing of their friends or their characters. DO NOT ignore the players initially, explain your position to them (quote the rule you followed) once and then direct them to the forum complaint section you may right click and ignore after this point. If you choose not to ignore them but continue to try to reason and explain your decision, ensure that things do not get out of hand. If at any point in the discussion you insult or curse the other player, you then have no right to silence them for returning any insults or curses.
Alternately, if after explaining your position, the situation still escalates, you may try introducing a third party such as another Guard or Mentor (not a friend to take your side on things but someone to resolve to the situation).
8. All Mentors will be held accountable for their actions. All gags should be reported in Mentor Discussion section of the forum (if you do not have access please contact the Head Mentor). This would make things easier to resolve when complaints are lodged against you.

1. Do not insult/curse players in the forums. It is perfectly acceptable to join in the small talk and enjoy yourself but do not carry things to the point of insulting or antagonizing other players.
2. Try to keep aware of issues within the game by reading the forums ever so often. Also, note helpful topics that you may be able to guide other players to when they have questions.
3. The Mentor Advice section was created for players to seek the help of mentors. Please try to visit this section regularly and answer any question that you can. This is part of your duties as a Mentor. Also view FAQ, Game Guides & Game Masters sometimes, questions are posted in these sections by new players seeking assistance.

All complaints in the forums against a mentor shall be addressed. If they are deemed to be viable complaints (i.e. the Mentor's decision/action was ill advised/improper), then the offense will be classed as as Level "x" and punishment will be applied based on this classification.
Level 1 - Warning/Consultation on how to handle future situations and apology to player. (example: Mistaken gag, complainer gagged instead of the offender)
Level 2 - 5g deducted from pay (example: afk while on shift)
Level 3 - Immediate expulsion from the Order (example: cursing/insulting another player - general breaking of the game rules)
Abuse of Mentor abilities: Silencing for personal reasons: Automatic expulsion Exception: Mistaken gag when after a complaint is sent.
When on probation, a Mentor must complete 10 shifts in 1 week and will be paid at a rate of 50s per shift. If you believe you are not able to complete the 10 shifts then you are expected to perform you regular 5 shifts for FREE. Mentors will be placed on probation due to failure to complete weekly duties without advanced notice. The Head Mentor reserves the right to place any Mentor on probation for other reasons, following discussions with the Assistant Head Mentor.
Failure to complete probationary tasks will result in expulsion.

A Note to Non-Mentor Players: Please be aware that outside of their duties to the Order, Mentors are regular players, their game play will not be hampered or restricted simply because they have the badge.
- There are times when they may be afk or busy please be understanding of this and do not assume they are ignoring you.
- There are times when responses may be slow/delayed, especially when on shift as they may be responding to other concerns or at times when they have to research your answers.
- A Mentor can execute you by order or for personal reason (as long as those reasons do not have anything to do with their mentor duties **A mentor cannot execute you for annoying them with VALID question** Chat logs will be used to see if you were purposefully attempting to annoy the Mentor)
- Aside from answering questions, a Mentor is not required to help you in ANY other way. Yes, you may believe that they should be examples of the purest players in Faeo, but please remember they too have their own characters to develop. They do not have to heal your splinters, help you in quests, loan you money or add you to their contact lists if they choose not to. As long as they are friendly, courteous and respectful when you ask them a question, they are fulfilling their mandate.
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