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Parties get drop unless they have mebers that are 5 or more levels higher than the boss they are killing. All items in Silent Chamber are non-transferable after they leave party bag and have 30% durability.

Agudar the Knight [6] - 4000 HP

TacticsBlock and remove the magic with charm dispersals.

Belt: 2 slots of charm dispersals, other - whatever you want.


levreta [7] - 3701 HP 

Tactics: Remove the Deadly Splash and Sepulchral Cold with charm dispersals.

Specifics: When losing every 10% life she will call 1 501 HP bat. No magic involved.

Belt: 2 slots of charm dispersals, other - whatever you want.


Zuliman [8] - 2200 HP 

Tactics: Remove the Necromancer's Palm with Blessed Scrolls of AntimagicTry to kill him as fast as you can. If you cant do it within 500 seconds he kills you all


- At 50% HP he calls Spirit of Lingraonts (Lingraonts with 50% HP)
- At 30% HP he calls 10 600 HP guards


- People entering while Zuliman is alone: 1 slot Blessed Scrolls of Antimagic, max power and/or blood, rest is life.
- Second person that enters when Lingraonts is called: The same.
- 3-5 people that enter after the guards are called: 1 slot poison on every person and 1 Blessed scroll on one of you if people 1 and 2 are running low.


Magish's Bone Golem [9] - 12000 HP

Tactics: Remove the Strength of the Damned with the Scrolls of Antimagic. Do not block against guards; block against dragon. Use snake superblow. Do not die in fight.


- He will have 4 2400 HP guards with him.
- If you block against him he will stun you.
- If you unblock against guards they will make you bleed -17 HP per 10 seconds.
- If you die in fight you resurrect as 1200 HP guard on the opponents side.

Belt: 1 giant, 1 antimagic, rest all life. 


Fallen King Magish [10] - 4301 HP

Tactics: First person that enters must deal as much damage as he can. Belt: 1 giant elixir, 3 poison slots, 1 slot of blessed scrolls that dropped from Levreta, rest is all life. After losing every 20% of life he will cast Thread of Magish - lets him heal off you when dealing damage. Ideally if you remove it in timely maneer he will only use it 5 times per fight. After first person is out of poison, second one enters, giant, 1 slot of levreta scrolls, 4 slots of poison, the rest is life. If all goes clean, by the time he runs out of poison, His Royal Highness should be already dead. After that, the other party members join with slots enough to kill Spiders. Spideys have 901 HP each and you get to have fun with 27 of them. They cast poison -120 hp per 80 seconds. Ways to kill it: Be a mage, or summon a lot. Net it takes around 80 summons for this fight, but the number can be shortened by killing many spiders yourselves.


Silent ChamberSinging Chamber

1-16 Obsidian Chess pieces

To get a blue helmet one needs 2 full sets of Obsidian Chess Pieces.

After 3 pieces of spear have been collected one can get a higher green helmet via quest. Quest includes bringing 30 g, 2 bright crystals, and 10 cuckoo flowers.
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