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Basic Description.

- Instance lives 2 days. A new one is created 5 days after previous closes.
- To enter you need a party of at least 3 and a completed quest to have the amulet of free passage
- Almost every other location has a well-shaped stash in it. You can click on it to find one of these:
Elaborate Coffer, Precious Coffer, or Privy Coffer. To open them you will need to buy keys (sold in the shop for hunters of the Undead). Inside you will find undead elixirs:
Giant, Life, Power, Vampire, Blood, Devourer Orb. To use all of the above you need to have at least 9 secret knowledge points and learn the handbook (can be bought in the old library in the fortress of captivity)
- Transfer time is around 20 seconds

Tactics on up to Zuliman are all the same: Enter fight at the same time, throw poison scrolls on the mage, block and stall till he dies. Remove the poison he casts on you, then remove the casts on the rest of the guards, after mage's death summon if necessary, Yur belt should have 1 slot of poison, 1 slot of antimagic and 1 slot of charm dispersals.

Trip to Agudar
MonstersMagicTo remove
Agudar the Knight Wraith 537 hp x4
Pyromancer Wraith 376 hp x1
Brother-in-Arms Wraith - 895 hp x3 in location

Necromancer's Handiwork
Lets Mage heal the undead
Block till Mage dies.
The Knights:

Fury of the Damned
Provides 100% chance of critical hits


Removes 280 HP in 80 seconds

Trip to Levreta
MonstersMagicTo remove
Soldier Wraith 681 hp x4
Commander Wraith - 1135 hp x3 in location

Necromancer's Handiwork
Lets Mage heal the undead
Block till Mage dies.

Ice Barrier
Increases Protection


Deadly Splash
Lowers Damage

Trip to Zuliman
MonstersMagicTo remove
Darkness Elemental Patrol 1284 hp x3 in location

Necromancer's Handiwork
Lets Mage heal the undead

Block till Mage dies.

Mastery of the Vampire

Increases the danage by 20%; 40% of damage converts to life

Block till Mage dies.

Shroud of Primeval Darkness
Increases Dexterity


Cloud of the Dead
Removes 420 HP in 80 seconds

Due to the size limit of posts I have to split this guide in 2. Continuation is found here.

For info on how to fight bosses, click here.

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