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Kretch Lair is an instance that can be accessed every 4 days. Instance lasts 12 hours after opening, and can only be accessed in a party, even if it is a party with just you in it. To check when you can enter again write "/instinfo" in chat.Transfer time in it is 1.5 minutes. In the instance you can meet the Kretch Leader [97 hp], Kretch Guide [138 hp], Kretch Sentinel [451 hp], Head Sentinel [700 hp], and Kretch Butcher.

Map of the Lair:

--------------------NORTHERN PASSAGE------DARK CORRIDOR-------------------------------
----------------------------CORRIDOR-----EASTERN PASSAGE-------------------------------------
------------------------------------\------------/ -----------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------GUARDSROOM-----CENTRAL SPLIT------------------------------------------------
-----------------SOUTHERN PASSAGE--------------------------------------------------------------------

In the fight with Butcher you may or may not see the following:

Sacrifice - a creep that joined the fight will kill itself and heal butcher. To prevent, kill all kretches (level 3 and 4) prior to starting the main fight. there are 25 total, they do not resurrect.

Butcher's Wrath - Pretty self explanatory. To prevent use potions instead of scrolls. The more players in fight - the more often will he cast it.

Penetrating Butcher's Blow - devastating hit if you hit in block. If you block you would imagine damage D to be equal to D/2, while instead it delivers a critical blow, making D = 2D, or 4 times more than what you'd expect. DO NOT hit in block. Ever.

Shroud of Doom X - Despite the description, the real action of this cast is increasing Butcher's level (and thus HP and damage of both butcher and all creeps in fight). No way to avoid. Casts if there is anything higher than level 6 in fight. Thus if you are under level 6 you should NOT summon anything higher than your own level.  The increase seems to be exponential.

Butcher drops

Relict fossil (to players up to level 6 inclusive)
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