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As you may be aware already, the Underground Knights quests might be one of the most important quests for anyone interested in gaining valour. The quests can be divided into 2 parts: Pre-initiation, and Post-initiation.

Pre-initiation Quests:

Quest 1: Gather 30 green crystals
Quest 2: Find a an underground knights signet within the Crystalline quests
Quest 3: Gather 35 Red and 35 Blue crystals(Does not need to be in a single run)
Quest 4: Win 3 CC engagements in a row

Post-initiation Quests:

Agudars 1st Feat of Valour: Win 6 engagements of CC in a row.
Agudars 2nd Feat of Valour: Gather 113 green crystals in a single CC run
Agudars 3rd Feat of Valour: Destroy the guards in the enemy base camp and bring ‘Imonyan of Cave Sentry’ (10 pieces) to the keeper of the underground knights.
Agudars 4th Feat of Valour: Battling in the Ancient Temple of the Chosen, gather Energy Sphere (20 items) and bring them to the expert on crystals.
Agudars 5th Feat of Valour: Contending at the Arena of underground Knights, gather Badge of 5th Victory (10 pcs.) and bring them immediately to the Knight of the Arena.
Chain of Victory in the Crystalline Caves: Win 2-5 Crystalline Caves in a row. Each win increases chain by 1, each loss or draw reduces by 1.
Chain of Victory in the Ancient Temple: Win 2-5 Ancient temples in a row. Each win increases chain by 1, each loss or draw reduces by 1.

How to start:

First of all, read this guide: before starting any of the CC quests.
Secondly, if you are serious about gaining valour once you hit level 3 - you should forget about gaining experience. Try not to kill mobs, do not do any quests, and such.
If you follow the two rules above you are guaranteed an elite rank before level 5.

Quest 1: You need to mine 30 green crystals. In order to do so you need to get in the CC queue. Once you're in - open the instance map (button above: Maps Instance map) and work your way to the Green cave. Do not forget notify your team via raid chat that you re going there to mine. It is advised for you to have 15 spots in inventory in order to finish the quest in 2 trips, but you can take longer, in fact, you don't even have to finish it in 1 CC, the crystals drom different CCs add up. As a reward for this quest you will get 5000 valour, 500 experience, and 10 UK reputation. You may now proceed to

Quest 2: You must find the lost signet. This is the easiest UK quest and can be done in about 7 minutes. All you need to do is go to the Eastern Fork (located between red and green caves) and click on the cart on the right end of the screen. Quest done. You don't even have to win the CC - though some extra valour will never hurt. Quest awards: 7000 valour, 500 experience, 20 UK reputation.

Quest 3: You need to get 35 green and blue crystals. As well as with the Quest one you do not have to mine and drop them off in one CC. Quest awards: 15000 valour, 500 experience, 30 UK reputation.

Quest 4: You need to win 3 CCs in a row. This might be a bit of a challenge for people with gray items, and my gide primarily concerns people with sets, since they are much more likely to be trying to gain valour. Do not go alone. Get a group together and once there are 5 of you all with set items and summons (bears or tigers, since you presumably didn't do any quests you can only buy them only in arsenal, do not buy zigreds, your only hope in that case is that your enemy dies of laughter). Do not forget to listen to experienced players, to guarantee victory you might need to cover weaker miners, or mine yourself. Quest awards: 20000 valour, 1000 experience, 50 UK reputation. you may now start the other quests. An alternative way to do this quest is killing 70 members of the opposing race and handing over their scalps to the keeper of Arsenal.

At this point in time you will be around or at the beginning of level 4, that's ok.

Agudars 1st Feat of Valour: Win 6 engagements of CC in a row. Nothing particularly hard if you follow the procedure of Quest 4 and go in groups (you might want to get 2 groups of 5 and 4 going for the last few victories, but it's up to you.)

Agudars 2nd Feat of Valour: My least favorite Feat of valour. Not because it's hard, but because it requires 100% teamwork, and unfortunately some of the less experienced players are incapable of it. In a nutshell: You need to mine and drop off 113 green crystals in the duration of 1 CC. Your best bet is to o with 8 other people with 2 of them standing in front of the Green cave, 1 - on the eastern fork, and others keeping the other caves in order to ensure a victory. Assuming that happens - you are still limited by time - be sure to have at least 19 free slots in your backback, better - 23. if you do not have 19 spaces free - you will NOT be able to finish the quest within 2 hours. With 19 slots you will need 6 trips, with 23 - only 5. To get more slots buy extra backpacks in the shops in the Wolf Wasteland. With a good cooperating team this quest becomes very easy.

Agudars 3rd Feat of Valour: You need to kill 10 Sentries on the opposing team's base. This is the only Feat that is much, much easier to do on later levels. If you do decide to do it - fing a group, in which each person will buy tiger wraths and will stand on the enemy crossroad waiting for your signal. You should enter and attack the sentries through hunting. Usually you will get 2 of them per fight, but sometimes - all 5, and that's when you have a problem. 1 sentry requires 8 tigers to be killed, your best bet is to kill 3, but for the other 2 you will need a team member. Sentries revive each half an hour, so it is possible to kill all 10 in 1 CC with a good team, but if you do not - don't worry, Imoonyans live for 1 whole day.

Agudars 4th Feat of Valour: Practically impossible to do since most players do not visit the temple on 3-4 levels. Though if you do get in, the strategy is: 2 people get a ton of arsenal wraths and do not mine crystals, just wander around sending off the wraths on the enemies, meanwhile you collect 5 spheres and win. If you are lucky enough to do this 4 times within 3 hours - Feat is done.

Agudars 5th Feat of Valour: The longest quest, takes up to a few weeks. you need to win the Arena battlefield 5 times in a row 10 times within 10 days. Sounds confuising? it's not, just a lot of hard work and a good teammate. Only one advice - don't ever, EVER go alone, and don't go with a person of the same combat style with you - i e 2 mammoths are bad, mammoth and exe is good. This Feat takes up to 30% experience on level 4.

For each Feat you get 50000 valour, 1000 experience, and 100 UK reputation. For completing all 5 of them - additional 100000 valour, 3000 experience and 200 UK reputation.

The chains of victories quests can be completed every 2 days. Rewards vary based on the number of wins you have - from 10 to 40 reputation for Ancient Temple and 20 to 80 for the Caves.

Dirty Hands quest can be completed every 4 days, and gives you 500 valour, 15 reputation, and 50 experience for smearing all 5 posts on the poll. The buckets with resin can be found in the Eastern and Western passages. You can only take 1 lump of resin at a time.
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