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You might have heard of, or even visited the Ancient temple, and, like me in my first visit, didn't understand a thing. Well, this guide is here to help you.

Arrangement: First of all, before entering the queue look at the Temple map (Maps Instance Maps Temple) to see the structure. The temple has 9 rooms: 6 with crystals of each color, human, and mag bases, and the central hall. Each hallwith Crystals has 2 crystals in it initially, which recover about once every 5-6 minutes, someone else might have a better info on that. Bases have guards that will attack people from opposite races. The Central hall has the transformer that will transform a set of 3 crystals each of its own color ito an energy sphere. To win a team needs to gain 5 energy spheres.

What to do? To win the temple the most important thing the team truly need is teamwork. I mean, of course, a leather team will loose to the fully-equipped blue team no matter how good they work with each other, but you get the point. If you are going in a group - decide earlier as to who goes where - usually there are two setups that work best: 1 - Player A goes to the Western hall nearest to his base and works his way through on his side; Player B does the same thing on the Eastern side. Player C either drinks a speed elixir and rushes to one of the locations closest to the opponent's base and has a fairly good chance of catching a miner. Setup 2: Players A and B do the same thing, but C (strongest one, preferably a bonecrusher for faster fights) stands in the center hall and attacks any incoming mags. There are other setups, too, but I like these two best personally. If yoi went alone - don't hurry to leave your base. Wait for your team members to leave first and see where you should go yourself.


• Never start fights yourself unless you are sure in a quick victory. Time means everything in the temple.
DO NOT ever join someone else's fight, even if they are begging you for it.
• If someone attacked you and you have no means to win the fight (let's say, you are a mammoth, and he has a full anger set) - stall as long as you can. Drink elixirs, use scrolls, hit when there are only a few seconds left. Being a good staller is much more important than being a good fighter in Temple, usually. That's why IMHO the best teams are made of 2 heavyweights and 1 bonecrusher. 
• If you are lucky enough to get 2 enemies stuck on you - do not hurry to kill, or be killed. Even if you have a 100% win in your pocket - stall as long as you can. Why? Because once you kill them they'll go mine again, meanwhile if you have 2 on you, your teammate has another one - the third guy can easily mine and bring you a battlefield victory.
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