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Gates of Chaos is a monthly event that will be occuring instead of the monthly Gungl Exile invasions.

The event brings you destroyers of chaos reputation, as well as a lot of unique items one could obtain after its over including best weapons and jewerly in the game, and new mounts. More about all that later.

This is a very complicated instance that requires full cooperation between members of different teams. You should be prepaired and stocked up to your best as far as scrolls and summons are concerned. If you are not - think twice before queueing. Better yet - find a party that is stocked as good as you are and go with them. It is not a cheap instance, but the rewards are unique and do not have analogues anywhere in faeo, not even on the Trade Fairs.

The event can be separated into 3 stages.

Stage 1: Opening the Gates

In order to participate in this stage, once the invasion is announced in the news, one has to go to Sheara (to get there talk to the Dragon) and ask for The Gift of Insight. WIth it you have 4 days to obtain Golden Scales - standart drop rules apply - they drop from any non-quest and non-instance monster at random unless its level is more than 1 lower than your own. This stage is not mandatory, but it provides you with a cool blessing depending on your level and number of scales you collected. The blessing lasts 8 hours and only works inside the chaos gate.

Stage 2: March to the Gates

Once the geates open, teams of magmars and humans will rush in in order to destroy the forces of Chaos. Both radces will understand each other in this period of time and will be able to communicate (both inside and outside the instance). The teams consist of 5 people of each race. Standart battlefield queue rules apply; level groups are 4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. Fight time outs are 20 seconds.

Team goal is to kill the boss. Boss is different for each level group:

Level 4 – Army of Chaos GunglXO
Level 5-6 – DefilerDO
Level 7-8 – DefilerXO
Level 9-10 – General UyarrMO
Level 11-12 – Large Egnu

Attention! Make sure you have at least 5-6 hours to spare when you queue up. If you leave before you slay the boss you get a curse that lowers your damage by 2%, if you leave second time - it lowers by 10%, third time - 20%, fourth time - you cannot queue up again. If in doubt - don't queue. Better safe, than sorry.

If you kill the boss, but lose the battle in which he died - victory does not count and you have to go again. So, not to waste, summons, better be prepaired from start. For slaying each boss a person will get 20 chaos particles, but also can obtain up to 10 extra ones from just hunting the monsters in location. The only ones that drop particles are monsters you attack, not the ones you summon. After 8 hours pass, the next stage - Arrival of giants is about to start.

Stage 3: Arrival of the Giants.

This is an event for the mages only. Think the bosses were easy? Think again. The event happens in the fortress of captivity, access to which will be open only to people level 11+. Everyone who joins the fight will get a special buff, making ALL of their hits/casts stronger and critical. Reward for the fight is based on the amount of damage you deal and consists of chaos partiles and destroyers of chaos reputation.

How to fight Chaos.

Gungls (all kinds) use:

Cloning - makes 3 copies of itself, can be removed with scrolls of purification or antichaos.

Poison - pretty weak, but does not stop till you either die or use antidote or antichaos to heal it.

Fatal Trap - does 65 damage to you and weakens your blows by 6%. Makes little sense to take it off, but if you accumulate several of these effects - remove them with antichaos. Level 4s have no way of removing this effect, so just try to kill it as soon as you can if you see this happening.

Defilers (all kinds) use:
Resurrection - heals the enemy 250 HP in 10 seconds. To fix it DO NOT BLOCK. If someone in your party did block - remove it with antichaos ASAP.

Shock Blow - twice every defiler will cast this on all the opponents at once. Poison makes you lose 1500 hp in 90 seconds. Remove with antichaos as soon as you can.

Paralytic Charge - causes 129 damage on one opponent. After you get hit with it several times - you get stunned for 1 second and lose 350 life. So when you see 2+ effects on yourself - use antichaos.

Harder monsters use stronger magic, but regardless, it can all be removed with antichaos scrolls. Any kind of sntichaos scroll is capable of getting things done, the only difference is how many you can put in one slot.

For example, Egnus will use Beetleness, and generals uyarrMO will do the same things the Exile does on Plato.

Chaos Particles:

To receive the maximum possible quantity of particles, teams must score the following number of points according to their level:

Level 4 – 14 points
Level 5-6 – 59 points
Level 7-8 – 163 points
Level 9-10 – 375 points
Level 11-12 – 807 points

One gets points by killing monsters, but not the ones summoned by other monsters, just the originals.

Points received...

for an Army of Chaos Gungl – 1 point
for an Army of Chaos GunglDO – 2 points
for an Army of Chaos GunglVO – 3 points
for an Army of Chaos GunglXO – 4 points
for a GunglXO Shaman – 6 points
for a DefilerDO – 8 points
for a DefilerXO – 18 points
for a General UyarrMO – 36 points
for a Large Egnu – 72 points

If you get max points for your level you will gain 30 particles instead of 20. And last, but not least, here're the rewards!

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