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Recent changes on activation and drops of Gnome Runes


As some of you have already heard about the Order of the oldest hunters, where you have to kill superbeings and take their trophies to the witches at both races and get Mercury as reward (also increase the rep of the Order). These Mercuries will be used to activate the gnome runes in the future. The more valuable than rune, the stronger it is sealed, and thus, the more mercury is required for its activation.


There will be several other changes for the runes that will take place:
1) Minotaur attacking player in the activation of the charged runes will be reviewed and added to all the runes, starting with green.
2) Drop boxes of gnomes will be substantially changed:
-elixir, leather goods, amulets call will be completely removed.
-unique dwarven coins will be dropped, that are very rare and can be exchanged for valuable artifacts*.
-Demon cubes of all types will be dropped.
-Amulet of Call Minotaurs will be dropped, which are far more stronger than any summons that are ingame. They are Level 8, Level 9 and finally Level 12 Minotaurs. 
The dwarven coins that will drop from the gnome caskets can be exchanged for various rare and valuable artifacts. They will be of two types, normal and precious coins. In one box you can find only one type of coin: either the normal or precious. Precious coins, as one can expect, drops less than that of normal ones.

The artifacts that can be exchanged for these coins range from:

1) Violet helmets for the blue sets of Anger, Norther Wind and Slayer of the Giants. Also violet helmets for sets of BarbarianChrome and Resistance can be obtained. As one can expect, these helmets are far more superior than their blue counter parts (especially the lower lvl ones) and thus can give the warrior massive boost in battle. These aretifacts can only be exchanged for Precious Coins.
Note: There is also a special helmet made for Irish (our dwarven captain), only.

2) Various rings & amulets which are far superior than blue counterparts can be exchanged for normal coins. Examples: Dwarven Ring Frei, Ring Elf Anguz , Amulet Dwarfs PMT etc. Yes, there is also amulets and rings for lower lvls, L5 till 10, so those of you who gets these coins before L11 can exchange and wear the lesser artifacts (still gives a lot of boost in battle).
Important Note from Moonwalker
Important notice - when you put it on your set bonus does not drop - i. e. you have 8 chrome pieces and get the wonderous chrome helmet (link under invulnerability, google mistranslates it as trickster helmet) - you still have a 9-piece chrome bonus.
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