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1. Experience is bad. Always. In any shape or form. Be that killing mobs, doing quests, or even fighting too much on battlefields.

2. Repetative quests.
There is also a repetative quest called Dirty Hands that can be done every 4 days in CCs. The reward for it is 15 Uk reputation, 500 valour and 50 exp.

Exp and valour from the battlefield itself will be added to all of the above, since CC gives off most of it it makes no sense to go there just to do the hands.

For all the UK quests listing and details see THIS guide.

3. Which Battlefields are better?
If you have completed all the feats of valour, but your exp still allows you to go to battlefields to get extra valour, a commonsensical question comes up - where should you go? Your goal is simple: get the value of Valour:exp ratio as high as possible.

Arena: no description needed. too much exp and cost, very little valour. 

CC: For a win you will get around 4500 valour and 1000-1500 exp. So in the best case scenario the ratio is 4.5, which is not bad.

Temple: You get 100 valour and 30 exp for dropping a sphere. you get 100 exp and 1000 valour just for the win. so for dropping 2 spheres and winning you get 160 exp and 1200 valour, making the ratio 7.5:1. With some cost (arsenal wraths) you should be able to go through the temple with no exp from fights themselves, making it a VERY good source of valour.

4. Badges and energy spheres.
Exchange, or not? that's the question.
After the 5th feat of valour you will have 10 badges of each color except red, more likely - more.

1st badge: 100 v, 5 exp; 20:1
2nd badge: 250 v, 10 exp; 25:1
3rd badge: 400 v, 20 exp; 40:1
4th badge: 550 v, 35 exp; 15.7:1

Exchange? Exchange!
Exchanging sphere gives you 60 valour and 20 exp. 20 exp isn't much, but still 20*n = a lot of experience that will end up adding up to an extra temple or cc you'd not be a part of. 

Now Exchanging Badges from Arena will also give you some UK reputation.
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