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Conlerget Cards rare items that, when combined together, have a special attribute - either a buff, or a powerful summon.

As of right now, the following cards have been released:

SetNumber of CardsCards to complete Set

Legacy of King Magish
Umertik Summon
Great Mages
Mighty Elemental Summon
DefilerDO summon

Underground Knights
Agudar the Knight Summon

Legendary Magmars I

Legendary Humans I

Magic Flora of Faeo
Power of Nature Buff

All card bonuses can be used once a week (calendar week - e. g. if a card set was used on Sunday, it can be used on Monday again).

Magic elemental is a random elemental of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Shadow, or Light. Despite their names and views, elementals are not too strong. Each is about x1.5 times the strength of Kretch Butcher summon. Elementals do not use magic, purely physical damage. 

Umertik is a normal level 8 Umertnik you would see in a Bone Dragon fight for the first 20 hits. After that, or after using the black eclipse scroll in on it, if you have one, its Black Rage is dispersed and the only thing left is just a powerful summon with weaker blows and no regeneration.

DefilerDO is analogous to the chaos DefilerDO creature. 

Agudar Wraith is analogous to Agudar from the Palaces. http://warofdragons.com/bot_info.php?artikul_id=804

Power of Nature - buff for levels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 respectively. Greatly boosts your characteristics. 4377-83

Attention! Several images and links on this page above are not displayed or do not work. It is not because of our mistakes - they are just not uploaded to the game. Once several updates pass by - they will show up. Thanks for understanding.

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